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Photograph of Unku [Erna Lauenburger]

GA 3 15 21 cropped.jpg

Photograph of Unku, Tochter des Durant [Daughter of Durant}, Tochter des M [Daughter of M]. Undated, but taken between 1932-1936. Unku was the Romani…

Poetry and Drawings by Emily Ireland Blackburne

LUL MS 162 Drawings.jpg

Images of Emily Ireland Blackburne's comical pen and ink drawing entitled ‘A Pleasure trip to Liverpool’, narrated in an accompanying poem.

Cunard Board Meeting Minutes

D42-B1-13 storage of records WW2 (1)-page-001.jpg

Image of minutes from the Cunard White Star Line Board Meeting, dated 1939-09-20. The minutes show the company's records have been moved to…