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D42-B1-13 storage of records WW2 (1)-page-001.jpg
Image of minutes from the Cunard White Star Line Board Meeting, dated 1939-09-20. The minutes show the company's records have been moved to Cumberland.


Cunard Magazine Oct 1923.jpeg
Front cover of the Cunard Magazine, dated October 1923. The Cunard Magazine was a house magazine, first produced in January 1918. It was initially set up as a means to keep in contact with Cunard staff on active war service, in an effort to show the…

Cunard case.jpg
Image of Case 5: The Cunard Archive - Rescue and Growth in the exhibition Banned, Binned, Bombed: Selection and Survival in Special Collections


Mezzanine Basement Plan.jpg
Plan showing the layout and scale of the Cunard Building basement floor. The plan shows a room assigned to "Past Records", pinpointing the location of the former home of the Cunard archive.

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